Based in Porto, Complot studio is a natural consequence of the work that Miguel César Pereira and Vera Pereira Lopes have been making together in the area of architecture.

With a focus on design and spatial organization, Complot provides a multidisciplinary service, accompanying the client from start to finish. The studio develops projects for different scales and purposes, practices that move between identity, image, objects, interiors and buildings.

The uniqueness inherent in each project, makes Complot have a unique creative philosophy, where the spaces meet the client's desire but always with a very authentic mark of their own, a reflection of travels and broad experiences - constant inspirations in the work of its authors.

Miguel César Pereira

Porto, 1985. Discovered the taste for architecture from a very young age. No wonder he used to be found at the door of his grandfather's shop in downtown Porto, looking at the tiled façades and imagining the carved ceilings that lurked inside. The course of his education was then quite clear. He attended the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (2011) and the E(ad) - Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño de la Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile 2009/10). Traveling around South America has changed his life, and it’s by exploring the world that he takes inspiration to his projects.

He assumes himself as an avid collector of objects with history. His wit leads him to discover small gems in the most unexpected places. Miguel likes to look into the past in order to build the future, and he has a natural talent for combining materials and colors.

Santiago, his faithful four-legged companion, can be said to be the honorary member of Complot. His preferred station is in the studio garden, sunbathing in the grass.

Vera Pereira Lopes

Santa Maria da Feira, 1983. Is a perfectionist by nature. She always accepts a good challenge and it is in the field of architecture where she founds fulfilment. She graduated as an architect from UM - University of Minho (2006) and the je ne sais quoi was given to her at the École d'Architecture de la Ville & des Territoires at Marne-la-Vallée (Paris, 2004/05). It was the Ville Lumière that aroused her sensitivity to composition and eye to detail, along with a very natural taste for calculations and numbers.

Although she works in the city, she does not trade the tranquility of country life for nothing. Do not be carried away by her apparent calmness and discretion, as her liveliness prevails from a very young age.